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We’ll help you unleash your marketing through strategic planning and choosing the right tactics for your business

Our Services include:

  • Marketing audit and strategy
  • We do a comprehensive analysis of an organisation’s internal and external marketing environment which includes structure, strategy and tactics. The analysis includes traditional and digital marketing. We identify areas that are performing well, as well as those that are not. We then propose changes that organisations need to make in order to thrive within their specific market.

  • Marketing and Comms Plans
  • Our marketing and communication plans relate to the why, what and how of an organisation’s marketing. It includes a detailed external and internal analysis that leads to market-and-marketing strategies that will lead to growth. Action plans that include a communication and content plan for all relevant channels is provided.

  • Marketing Coaching
  • We offer marketing strategy coaching services to non-marketing executives and marketing team members who want to upskill, refresh, or just develop their personal knowledge base.

  • Outsourced Marketing services
  • We offer outsourced marketing and communications services to organisations who do not have the necessary skills sets on board. These services may include graphic art, content creation, email marketing, digital media(advertising), CRM and marketing automisation, web design, social media etc.

What some of our clients say

Strauss Viljoen

Strauss Viljoen is a Marketing Strategist and Consultant and the founder of The Outsourced Marketing Manager.

He is a seasoned marketing and management professional who has worked in various senior marketing and management roles over the last 20 years and is Member of the Chartered Institute of marketing.  Although Strauss has consulted and worked across many sectors, he now focuses on the Education and Not-For-Profit sectors.

Strauss assists organisations in creating marketing and communication plans which incorporate marketing strategies and tactics suited to that specific business. These plans are practical and focused on improving the bottom line and include traditional and cutting-edge digital strategies.   

Strauss is also the marketing director for The Marketing Press which is a strategic content marketing agency. He is also the looks after Australian business development for Digital Optimisation which is a leading international digital media company.